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Group Brand Coaching

Introducing Group Brand Coaching: 

A unique method for brand work that combines qualified coaching with brand consultancy, plus the added power of a group dynamic.

Empowering you, as a startup or small business owner, to create an authentic brand that protects the boundaries of your business, and yourself. 

What is Group Brand Coaching?

Working in a small group (maximum six people) of like-minded business owners, you will dive deep into your brand world. Whether you are starting from scratch or have been running things for a while and you are looking to take things up a step, you will finish the process with a clearly defined brand. This includes values, insights, proof points and an 'elevator pitch'-ready explanation of what you do.

The end product of Group Brand Coaching is the same as Brand Definition, with one essential change in emphasis: you (as well as a few little added-value extras detailed below!). Where Brand Definition involves me uncovering information and working to distill it into a concise, clear approach to present back to you, Brand Coaching is more about your vision than my background.

In a group coaching space, you will explore your own ideas with prompting questions and thoughts, and bring fresh eyes, inspiration and a filter for the others in your group. I will also bring in my 17+ years of experience in branding to help push for uniqueness and prevent your great ideas from falling into common pitfalls of generalisation, over-complication or generics.

The result is a Brand Definition that you have been integral to creating, and feel confident in growing your business from. You may uncover new strengths and you might find a new viewpoint, but you will certainly feel a sense of achievement. This builds confidence and energy that can only serve to help you with your business.

Why do I need to work on defining my brand?

Your brand either makes business easier or harder, it is as simple as that. When you have a brand that has been built to talk to your ideal customers, to grow in line with your ambition. With defined consistency, everything that flows from it feels natural: look and feel, content, growth opportunities, even hiring. By defining it clearly at the start, you can save a lot of time, money and stress as you begin to need more – a website, brand identity, shop etc.

Who is Group Brand Coaching for?

This method has been developed for side-hustlers, founders and those steering their growing businesses who want to experience everything that comes with building a business. You need to be willing and able to put the time and thought into your brand to create something that represents your values and ultimately feel empowered by your own involvement.


As we will be working as a group, you will need to be open to helping others to build their own brand and respectful of each other's time, ideas and values. It is important that when time is booked in the diary, you commit to attending in order to ensure that everyone receives the same value from the experience. 


There is no right way, if this doesn't fit with you or where you are at, you may wish to consider my Brand Definition service.

How long does Brand Coaching take?

The four one hour group sessions (detailed below), will be booked to accommodate the group. There will be at least a week between sessions to allow time to receive the previous summary and complete the exercises in preparation for the next session. The one-to-one session at the end can be taken as soon as you would like. The whole process will take four to five weeks.

Online or in-person?

I run Group Brand Coaching both online and in-person in Surrey, London or Sussex. The format of the next group will be determined by their preference and location. If the next group to run doesn't suit you, I can add you to the waitlist for the next one that does.

Session 1: 

The Foundation of your brand is you.

  • Exploring your 'why'.

  • Learning about each other and your businesses.

  • Looking at what in the above is important to your brand.

  • Profiling your target customer.


Group Brand Coaching has been developed to offer a cost-effective way to create your Brand Definition. This series of sessions will cost £500 per person (VAT not applicable).


This represents a significant saving on the cost of individual Brand Coaching and a one-to-one (usually £1250).

This includes: 

·        The four group sessions detailed above, with written summaries.

·        An individual one-to-one Bright Strategy Session with Liz. 

·        Pre-session exercises to complete.

·        WhatsApp group chat for any questions you have during the process around the sessions, exercises or advice.

·        A clear definition of your brand with a locked-in brand template that you can use to move forward in a way that feels thorough internally and appears consistent externally.

·        Access to any further Bright Strategy Sessions or personal coaching at reduced rates.

·        Prompts for social content.

·        Access to my network of trusted suppliers with recommendations where helpful (introductions are direct, I never mark-up the work of others).

The full £500 cost must be paid before the first session.

If you are still determining what your business will be, please talk to me about individual Brand Coaching or Brand Definition. If you aren't sure, you can book a call with me to discuss what would be most appropriate for you.

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