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Supporting Bright Ideas

I have always loved brands, getting to know people and helping others. As a child, there was a spot on the wall in the playground where I chalked my own logo and would sit and listen to the things my classmates needed to talk about.

Fast-forward a few decades and I have worked in global branding and design agencies for over 17 years. In small independents, and large global agencies (WPP, Omnicom), my clients included Mars, Unilever, Tesco, Vodafone, Coca-Cola and L'Oreal. I am lucky to have gained a wide breadth of expertise and a lot of brilliant designers I can also call friends.

In Turned out Bright, I am taking the best of that experience and a full coaching qualification to help clients to create and build truly authentic brands,

grown from their passion and vision. 

As a coach I can create a project path that starts wherever you are now and leads to a thorough and consistent brand, full of the energy to succeed.

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brand services

Whether you have an inkling of an idea for a start-up, are contemplating a change in direction or expanding your successful business, the first thing I will do is create a bespoke approach. I love chatting to people on the brink of change to share ideas. Please get in touch and we can take it from there.

Brand Definition

For a new or growing brand, I help to articulate your unique selling point and define the pillars of your brand, to build upon with consistency.

Brand Coaching

Combining my skills as a qualified coach and brand consultant to develop your brand definition, building directly from your vision and passions.

Bright strategy

A strategic exploration of how your business ambitions and brand can align. Opening up new opportunities and helping to filter them into decisive actions.

Brand Voice & Copywriting

Your brand voice is as much about how it feels as what you say. On everything from your website to social posts, pack copy to newsletters. 

Coaching services

As a qualified coach, I work with people across all subjects as our minds do not simply separate how we feel about one part of our life without it affecting other parts. There are three defined ways that I coach, each with its own focus but with the opportunity to cover a wide spectrum of topics.

LIve Bright coaching

Helping people to unclutter their thoughts, view things from a different perspective and find the answers they need from within themselves. This is action-led coaching!


Combining my skills as a qualified coach and brand consultancy experience to work with you on your brand, building directly from your vision and passions.

creative agency coaching

Using 20+ years' experience in branding to coach at any level. Helping people to thrive in the unique environment of a creative agency or client-side brand team.


Video: Save money, move faster
& have fun with design

I created this video to share my experience and knowledge of working with designers for over 15 years, helping you to have more efficient and successful interactions.   

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My work

Branding is a visual world. My Instagram is regularly updated with projects I have worked on, testimonials and branding inspiration. You can visit my full Instagram page @turnedoutbright via the nice big button below.
If you like what you see, please press the 'Follow' button while you are there!


'Turned out Bright' is a positive statement of intent, embracing the moment of change and striving for the best outcome. These are the fundamental values that inform my style:

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Supporting Bright Ideas

Helping strong ideas rise to the surface, brainstorming from new angles and supporting you through brave moves when you need it.


Not Telling

When working directly with me and my network of experts, you stay in control. I use coaching to find a solution that is authentic to you and your brand.


Creating your own path

We start where you and your brand are now, discuss where you want to get to and work out what you need to get you there. No costly diversions for things that you don't need.

Home: About Me

Meet Liz

Liz Jones, Brand Coach

I graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in English Literature and a vague idea of becoming a writer. I landed my first job writing for the John Lewis in-house magazines, the start of a five-year career with JLP, mostly on their .com offering, before throwing caution to the wind and flying to Australia for the year of my life. On my return I wanted to see what it was like agency-side: this was the start of 17+ years working in branding and design agencies in London.

I worked on huge projects such as the Tesco launch into discount store Jack's, global redesigns of Unilever laundry brands, Mars pet food, the Vodafone brand and L'Oreal Haircare ranges. Alongside these, I had countless other clients: Tate + Lyle Sugars, Unilever local brands such as Marmite, Colman's and Pot Noodle, Lil-Lets and ASK Italian. These brands and the teams I worked with client-side, shaped my career. I loved the pace of agencies and the chance to help others with their own development. My full CV is on LinkedIn if you would like more detail.

I was born in London and live in Surrey with two characterful children and a supportive husband. I will always make time for friends, exercise, watching films and gin! I love to be outdoors, will walk all day given the opportunity, have at least four different notebooks on the go at any one time and I'm never afraid of a fashion statement! In the year I turned 40 I set out to 'Live Bright' and capture the colour, energy and positivity that felt like me at my best. I created Turned out Bright to enable me to feel energised and purposeful in my work as both a brand consultant and qualified coach. 


You can book a time to chat using this link, or use this form to send me a quick 

Thank you, I look forward to talking further.

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