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Brand definition

Articulating what makes your brand unique to distinguish from your competitors, talk to your ideal customer with clarity and define the pillars of your brand for consistent growth.

If you follow me on social media, you will have seen how much I talk about your brand being everything that you do, say and produce. Ultimately, it is the experience you create to attract your ideal customers and what they will feel when they interact with you.

Whether you have a new brand, a growing brand, a changing market or a new consumer, it is essential to know what you stand for and how to express it. I can work with you to craft the brand proposition, articulate your unique selling point, define your brand world and create a tone of voice that brings it all to life. 

The beauty of a well-defined brand is that on paper it is concise and clear. The majority of the work is usually done in either distilling a vast amount of available information into something useful, functional and energising, or conversely to start from one little spark and help to build out a brand from the ground up.

Brand Definition includes:

  • Articulating your unique selling point (USP). Even if you provide a common service or product, there will be a way to help distinguish from your competitors.

  • Determining your ideal customer and everything you know about them.

  • Clarifying the reasons why people should believe what you are saying, the statements that help to sell themselves.

  • Clarifying your brand values so that your ideal customer knows what you stand for.

  • Defining the reason that the world needs your brand, its purpose.

  • Drawing out the brand character.

  • Distilling the brand into a statement, to use internally and sometimes externally.

Once we have determined the brand assets you need, if it is helpful, I can recommend the right designers, content creators and production specialists. I have a trusted network of designers who have learned their craft at some of the top global agencies. Working with branding designers can be incredibly exciting but it can also feel like a minefield full of lingo and expertise you may not ever have dealt with before. The world's top marketeers in the largest companies have support in this area so if you find it tricky, you are not alone. Through my years in agencies I have developed extensive skills in briefing effectively, appraising creative work and advising on fees. Crucial to my values, I never mark-up anyone else's work: they bill you directly and everyone earns and pays fairly.


My LinkedIn page has a few testimonials like this one, from the designers I have worked alongside:"As a designer I find Liz a joy to work with. Her knowledge on each project and brand is first class. She gives advice in a very supportive way and bridges the gap between the designer and the client." Clare Lett, Designer.


Brand Definition If you have a proposition that you are working towards, the cost of brand definition is £1000. 

Brand Definition and Proposition If you are still determining exactly what your proposition will be, the cost is £1500 as I can work through this with you to create a distinctive proposal. 


Both of these options will provide you with a clear definition of your brand, a lot of prompts for social content and a locked-in brand template that you and any partners, team members and suppliers can use to move forward in a way that feels thorough internally and appears consistent externally. 

You may also wish to consider my Brand Coaching method for brand definition.


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