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bright strategy sessions

Helping to build your brand to meet your business ambitions. Opening up new opportunities and helping to filter them into decisive actions.

No one knows your business as well as you do. But it's possible to be so involved that it's hard to look at it objectively or step in a different direction. With a mix of an objective overview, prompting questioning, care for what you do and brand knowledge, a Bright Session is an injection of thought-provoking energy.

I love brainstorming ideas with those who deeply love their brands, as well as those who need to rekindle the passion. Bouncing around concepts, drawing on my own experience of brand examples and then helping to filter them into decisive actions. 

These sessions may be online, in person, with business partners or a small team to gather the right information and resulting momentum. If you are looking for a one-off Bright Session it works best if we can have a chat beforehand so that I can understand your challenges and do some research and thinking in preparation to bring maximum value to the session.

Bright Strategy Sessions may include:

  • Exploring new product stretch ideas from your current offer.

  • Thinking how your brand comms could work harder for you online.

  • An look at your business successes to see what could be working harder for you.

  • Helping to make decisions about the growth, direction or structure of your brand. 

  • An objective overview of your brand to sense-check whether your intention is landing with the right customers.

  • Helping to uncover any gaps that might exist in your brand.


Bright Strategy Sessions These sessions are normally 1-1.5 hours long, online or in person if possible. The cost per session is £250 but for those who have already carried out Brand Definition or Brand Coaching with me, these are at a reduced rate of £150.

You can expect a write-up of the session and often some additional information, examples, exercises or recommendations that you can choose to take forward on your own, prepare for a further session or use one of my other brand services.


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