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Creative Agency Coaching

1-2-1 coaching with people at all stages of their career within creative agencies or working with them. Bringing together sector understanding and qualified coaching to deliver a confidential space to create considered action and facilitate change with empowerment.

After more than 20 years working client-side and within agencies, I went independent in 2020. My agency career was incredibly fulfilling: falling in love with the brands I worked on, making lifelong friends over countless late nights meeting deadlines, and the absolute privilege of mentoring and managing others. 


However, I also understand how hard it can be to navigate your career within this sector. Busy studios and tough targets can easily get in the way of focusing on career progression and the pressure means that line managers rarely have the chance to pass on their own experiences to help their teams with consistency. In design teams I have seen so many outstanding designers struggling with the responsibility of line management alongside their own creative work. Likewise, I have seen countless junior designers join agencies and have to sink or swim from day one, receiving great feedback on their creative work but often little idea of how they are getting on more widely or how they might progress.


What can coaching help with?

My aim in offering coaching to people within agencies and client-side brand teams, is to give them the space to consider themselves and their career, to focus on how they feel, to review their progress and help to unblock anything that might be preventing them from achieving their ambitions.

For those at the earlier stage of their career I seek to support them as they learn how to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. For those further down the line, goals may be broad, including adapting to change within the workplace, juggling starting a family, reacting to feedback, reappraising career direction and work/life balance.

What is my background?

I have worked in small, independent agencies, as well as large groups including WPP, Omnicom and Havas. Over the years I have worked on projects of every size with companies including Tesco, Unilever, Mars, L'Oreal, Tate + Lyle, ASK Italian, Sainsbury's and Coca-Cola. These brands and the teams I worked with client-side, shaped my career. My full CV is on LinkedIn if you would like more detail.


What to expect:

  • A safe, confidential space in line with ICF coaching ethics

  • Qualified coaching

  • 45-90mins sessions, depending on preference

  • 3-5 sessions together, as appropriate to the overall goal

  • Exercises to carry out between sessions to accelerate thinking, if desired

  • One-off sessions for a specific issue or following a course of sessions together

  • Options for online or in-person coaching, where possible

How much does it cost?

For agencies and companies, my rates are £125 per hour, plus expenses for an in-person visit.

Discounts are available if more than three people can be coached within one day for in-person visits or if more than five people in a company are receiving coaching during the same period, on or offline.

For individuals coming directly, my rates are variable up to my usual rate, to reflect the much lower wages paid at entry level in the industry. Please get in touch and we can have a relaxed chat about it.


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