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Live Bright Coaching
Liz Jones, Qualified Coach

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Have things got harder or are you being harder on yourself?

Are you burning bright or burning out?

When did you last take a moment to think about you?


Live Bright Coaching is for you dulled stars: the tired, the disillusioned, maybe even confused. Tapping into your own energy and helping you to regain the version of yourself you love to be.


When I was approaching my 40th year, I noticed that I was happy with what I had, but not with who I was. I looked back at my twenties and thirties and saw my energy bursting and my lust for life large in my heart. Relentlessly working on my career, growing a family, setbacks and repetition had left me exhausted. On the outside people still saw me as bright and bubbly, but inside I was worn out and worried.


I went on a mission. To focus myself on the positive, to see the little things that make me happy and to make them big. To make the best year for myself, no matter what else would inevitably come. I called it my Live Bright year.


I took the time to be myself again, to live as brightly as possible, and it worked! Challenges came along frequently, it's not realistic to be 100% all of the time, but my resilience was rock solid and I found myself bouncing back quickly, and even brighter. More than that, I saw that it spread to those around me and helped them to think about what made them able to give the most. Live Bright Coaching was born in that adventurous year.


what do you need right now?

It sounds like a simple question, and often the answer is quite simple. Switching off all of the other noise in life and listening to it takes concentration, and practice. 

the best questions aren't clever tricks, they are honest.



I'm Liz. As a qualified coach, I use coaching to open up the space for you. I may ask questions that challenge you but only with your permission, and there are no right answers, only your own. It is an empowering process, and it’s entirely yours. Confidentiality is assured under coaching ethics, helping you to think more broadly and speak more openly than life often makes possible.

Coaching isn’t an easy solution, it takes solid work to get the most out of it. That work involves thinking in new ways and observing your own life from a different perspective. My job as a coach isn't to give you answers or a diagnosis of any sort, but to help you to find what you need yourself. 

COST: £65

I'm keeping it simple with my pricing because everyone's needs are different. Prices are based on an online hour (in person sessions are available with notice, please just ask if you would like to discuss coaching face-to-face). One-off sessions, regular sessions and ad hoc sessions are all equally welcome. 



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