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Brand Coaching

A unique method for brand work that combines qualified coaching with brand consultancy. Empowering you as a startup or small business owner to create an authentic brand that protects the boundaries of your business, and yourself.

Your brand either makes business easier or harder, it is as simple as that. When you have a brand that has been built to talk to your ideal customers, to grow in line with your ambition and with consistency, everything that flows from it feels natural: look and feel, content, growth opportunities, even hiring. By defining it clearly at the start, you can save a lot of time, money and stress as you begin to need more – a website, brand identity, shop etc.

The end product of Brand Coaching is similar to Brand Definition with one essential change in emphasis: you (as well as a few little added-value extras detailed below!). Where Brand Definition involves me uncovering information and working to distil it into a concise, clear approach to present back to you, Brand Coaching is more about your vision than my background.

In a confidential coaching space, we form a supportive partnership where you can explore your ideas with prompting questions and thoughts. However, I will also bring in my 17+ years of experience in branding to help push for uniqueness and prevent your great ideas from falling into common pitfalls of generalisation, overcomplication or generics.

The result is a brand definition that you have been integral to creating, and feel confident in growing your business from. You may uncover new strengths and you might find a new viewpoint, but you will certainly feel a sense of achievement. This builds confidence and energy that can only serve to help you with your business.

Who is Brand Coaching for?

This method has been developed for side-hustlers, founders and those steering their growing businesses who want to experience everything that comes with building a business. You need to be willing and able to put the time and thought into your brand to create something that represents your values and ultimately feel empowered by your own involvement. There is no right way, if this doesn't fit with you or where you are at, you may wish to consider my Brand Definition service.

Brand Coaching breakdown:

Session 1 (extended session) - Internal and External Why

Where are you so far, laying coaching foundations, confidentiality, getting to know you and how your work fits into your wider life.

Session 2: Brand Values and Beliefs

Clarifying the reasons why people should believe what you are saying, the statements that help to sell themselves. Exploring your brand values so that your ideal customer knows what you stand for.

Session 3: Your USP and who it talks to

Articulating your unique selling point (USP), even if you provide a common service or product, there will be a way to help distinguish you from your competitors. Determining your ideal customer and everything you know about them. Drawing out the brand character.

Session 4: Crafting your brand template

Defining the reason that the world needs your brand, its purpose. Distilling the brand into a statement, to use internally and sometimes externally. Completing the brand template.

How long does Brand Coaching take?

As a coaching practice, this is guided by you. I recommend a week between sessions to allow time for you to receive the summary and complete the exercises in preparation for the next session. If you would like more time between sessions to work alongside another role or you have the capacity to move faster, we can have a chat about how to make it work.


Brand Coaching If you have a proposition that you are working towards, the cost of brand coaching is £1000. This includes: 

  • The four sessions detailed above, with written summaries.

  • Pre-session exercises to complete.

  • WhatsApp chat for any questions you have during the process around the sessions, exercises or advice.

  • A clear definition of your brand with a locked-in brand template that you can use to move forward in a way that feels thorough internally and appears consistent externally.

  • Access to any further Bright Strategy Sessions or personal coaching at reduced rates.

  • A lot of prompts for social content.

  • Access to my network of trusted suppliers with recommendations where helpful (introductions are direct, I never mark-up the work of others)

Brand Coaching and Proposition If you are still determining exactly what your proposition will be, the cost is £1500 as I can work through this with you to create a distinctive proposal. This will involve all of the above, plus an extra session looking specifically at this and will require session two to be extended.


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