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Brand Voice & Copywriting

Creation of the voice that your brand uses, with the option to bring this to life through engaging, strategic copywriting.


When thinking about brand assets, the first things that jump to mind may be a logo, colours, a graphic style, maybe even typefaces. But what you say is just as important as how it looks. As a business of any size, it's likely you produce a lot of written content, from website copy to emails, advertising to social media posts and blogs. This amounts to a lot of branded assets that your current and potential customers are absorbing. 

Writing is a form of creative expression and a distinctive tone of voice is a key brand element. I can help develop a Brand Voice that copy flows from. A Brand Voice defines the language that fits, as well as importantly, the language that doesn't. For some brands it may have the feeling of a real character, for others it might be informative copy that tells customers exactly what they need to know in the right tone.


Once developed, I can either roll this out over the assets you need or can write guidelines to follow for future copy. Many of my clients are comfortable writers but find the demand of constant content production too much of a distraction alongside building the business and are relieved to hand over this responsibility to someone who knows their brand from the ground up.

Strategic Copywriting options can include:

  • Website content - written with customer and brand in mind, from small intro copy to 1500 word pages to help your SEO.

  • Packaging copy - distilling the brand story down to appear in a small space and making the back of pack engaging.

  • Blog writing - given some initial guidance from you as the expert in your area, I can create blog posts to keep your content fresh and help your website SEO.

  • Social media posts - creating 'mini blog' posts that drive towards your brand messages.


Brand Voice creation is often an extension of brand definition work. If we have already done this work or you already have a defined brand, brand voice development is £250 plus the costs of any specific assets you would like it carried over as an example. 

Strategic Copywriting is charged by the hour at £75 but as an indication:

  • Website content £250 per 1500 word page, less for smaller pages.

  • Packaging copy from £75 to £250, depending on the amount needed.

  • Blog writing £250.

  • Social media mini-blog posts £50 to £75.

  • Other copywriting needs on request - I have written everything from newsletters to customer cancellation policies, the more I get to know a brand the easier this becomes!


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